Professional Demolition Services in the Greater Helsinki Area

For New Beginnings.

Professional Demolition Services in the Greater Helsinki Area

Building Demolition Even on Swift Timelines

1. Contact us

Contact us, and we will come to the site to assess and measure the area to be demolished. The survey visit does not obligate you in any way

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2. We will prepare an offer for you

After familiarizing ourselves with the site, we will prepare a fair offer for you. We can also assist with permit-related matters and other aspects of the process, if needed.

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3. Demolition work begins

We will commence the demolition of the site at the agreed-upon time. We are capable of providing service even on short notice, if necessary.

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4. Final inspection

After the demolition work is completed, we clean up the site, resulting in a construction-ready plot with endless possibilities.

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Demolition Works in Helsinki & Greater Helsinki Area

Sometimes, letting go of the old is necessary for something new to begin. With almost 20 years of experience, we handle demolition works in Helsinki, Vantaa, and the entire Uusimaa region.

We proficiently demolish various types of buildings, including:

  • Single-family houses and other small residences
  • Townhouses
  • Vacation homes
  • Outbuildings
  • Industrial halls

Demolition works with swift timelines

We efficiently demolish structures made of wood, concrete, and metal, and we also perform partial demolitions. Our demolition services are available year-round.

Whether it's a small or large building, we can handle the demolition with the same professionalism, always providing friendly and flexible service.

If you need a demolition project completed quickly, you can rely on us. Contact us and share your plans!

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Demolishing a house swiftly is our expertise

The duration of demolition works always depends on the specific site, but for example, the demolition of a medium-sized small house typically takes a few days. During a free inspection, we familiarize ourselves with the building and based on that, we provide you with a quote and a demolition plan.

You don't need to search for different specialists with us. Through us, you can also acquire services such as asbestos surveying and removal, drainage system installation, and tree removal during the demolition process.

For the sake of our clients and the environment

We assist you throughout the entire demolition process, from permit-related matters to the final inspection. Additionally, if needed, we can help you with the removal of personal belongings.

We only have one planet, and we want to contribute to a sustainable future through our actions. We conduct demolition works while sorting materials for recycling. Demolition waste is appropriately recycled, and we strive to save as much reusable material as possible, such as well-preserved roof tiles.

At the end of the project, you will have a clean site, ready for new dreams.

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Demolition Professionals Since 2005

AJ-Demolition is a family-owned company based in Klaukkala, offering demolition and clearance services. Our team consists of not only the father but also the sons and even the mother, all ready to roll up their sleeves. Our company came into existence in 2005, which means we have been operating in the industry for nearly twenty years.

Our values are guided by a commitment to a sustainable future, and we play our part in the development of the circular economy. Maximizing the utilization of existing materials is the path to environmentally friendly construction.

When you need personalized service and high-quality demolition work, feel free to contact us.

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Also, site drainage through us

Tree Removal in Conjunction with Demolition Works

Are there deteriorating trees in your yard or is there a pine tree in the way of your new building plans? If there are trees that need to be felled, you can also get expert tree removal services under the same roof.

We perform tree removals in conjunction with demolition works. We also conveniently handle services such as site drainage.

Feel free to ask for more information; we are happy to assist you!

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Order Professional Building Demolition Services!

AJ-Demolition is the trusted choice for all building demolitions in Uusimaa.

Efficient demolition work according to your schedule!

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